Services Offered

Overwhelmed by discovery in your divorce case? Staring down an 800 page Dropbox doc dump? Upcoming hearing? Client worried about fees?

Don’t Stress.

I can:

Organize discovery with a navigable, functional index and digital bates stamping.

Draft deficiency letters to opposing counsel.

Red flag activity, including undisclosed credit cards and accounts, undisclosed income, and undisclosed travel.

Track dissipation of marital assets.

Analyze financial documents, including earning and spending, tax returns, and investment account statements.

Ferret out inconsistencies between Financial Affidavits, Standard Matrimonial Interrogatories, and Responses to Requests to Produce.

Prepare for hearings.

Draft legal documents, including motions and proposed orders.

Why Beifuss Paralegal Services?

Beifuss Paralegal Services, Inc. is a local small business. 

Rather than submitting your sensitive client documents to a remote service and hoping for the best, meet with me. Discuss your needs, the details of our contract, and my qualifications. View a portfolio of writing samples and examples of the work product you will receive.

In addition:

I understand and employ the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct.

I have a conflicts check system in place.

I use security measures to protect your clients’ information.

I have local references.

I have experience organizing, analyzing, and packaging financial information for IRS audits, U.S. Trustee audits, tax preparation, and family law discovery.



Contact me.